Mark Scherer majored in Chemical and Petroleum Engineering. Following his entrepreneurial spirit, he founded his first company to provide interior construction for institutions such as hospitals and government buildings as well as restaurants, and he grew the company to 80+ employees. Mark also ran a Raw Food company for several years and has long maintained an inherent passion for high vibrational living and spiritual modalities.

Mark can best be described as an inquisitive truth seeker. This inquisitiveness guided him into the studies of Consciousness, Language, Spiritual Law and Quantum Physics. Mark founded Encompass Life (EL) in 2018 to mold 30 years of consciousness studies into a highly effective, rapid upgrade system. As CEO of EL, he stands for ease, security, self empowerment and continual support for the EL team and clients.

Mark's development of the Quantum Leap Technique (QLT) was highly informed by his self-navigation through painful life situations. Growing up in a household with a lot of conflict, Mark went from hating himself, severe stuttering and intense fear of public speaking to confidently leading classes, speaking at large group events, and loving life more with each day.

Mark is a certified business mentor specializing in many modalities which identify, clarify, align, and implement systems for businesses, groups, families, and individuals to achieve their highest choices and visions. Mark has worked with thousands of individuals, led classes with a wide variety of corporations from national grocers, international accounting firms, leadership forums, and major fortune 500 companies. Clients continually state that the QLT produces in a single session what takes months or longer to achieve. His passion is sharing this incredible technique with those who choose to upgrade their lives in ways they have yet to imagine.


Watch Mark Sharing Perspectives and Coaching with the Quantum Leap Technique

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mark in action 1 - Enter Title



“I am enjoying our class immensely as I see unseen areas of unconscious patterns in my life- even after all the years of training I’ve encountered. I highly recommend classes with Mark and Encompass to get to experience a whole new level in your personal, career, and spiritual life.”

Mandy Cavanuagh

Entrepreneur & Business Coach

"Through a few questions Mark quickly moves in on the limiting belief system, allowing me to see exactly how with my thoughts and words, I have 'fooled myself' in to believing it and creating unwanted manifestations in my life. The great joy in this method is reversing and transforming what appeared to be curses in to blessings, which Mark facilitates in a masterful way. I feel enormous gratitude for the shifts I have been empowered to make and the trust and love of life that has been re-ignited in me."

Mahara Daniel

Life Coach

"When my wife and I started working with Mark our marriage was in shambles, and I had lost all hope. Almost 3 years later I can confidently say our marriage is much, much better than ever. Now we have the tools to identify the blessings in our experiences, and when we do go through our “stuff” we get out of it quicker and use the situation to upgrade our relationship every time! My family and I thank you from the bottom of our heart."

Dr. Adam Podraza