09.18.2023 09:16 AM By Encompass

In the tumultuous seas of life, anxiety can often feel like a storm that never ceases. 

Yet, St. Teresa of Avila gently reminds us, "Let nothing perturb you, nothing frighten you. All things pass. God does not change. Patience achieves everything." 

Still, when it’s going on, it can be tough to feel your peace.

Most people grin and bear it. They endure through the anxious moments. They want for the days when it’s gone.

The thing that few people get is that because the source of your anxiety went away doesn’t mean that anything changes. 

The real issue simply submerges again until the next time it’s activated. Anxiety is just a byproduct. 

What’s the cost of not fully dealing with this root? 

The Journal of Abnormal Psychology warns that chronic anxiety can evolve into debilitating disorders and impact cognitive functions. 

It also drains energy, saps the adrenal glands, and keeps people on an emotional edge. 

Societies balm to this? 

Some will give you a pill. Others a potion. It’s big business, and they are happy to take your money. 

Others emphasize the importance of cognitive-behavioral therapy, combined with mindfulness practices.

While these are certainly safer, and potentially more economical, they, like drugs, deal mostly with the symptoms. Some get a little deeper, but they usually miss the root. 

To turn these anxious risings around forever, and you can do that, it’s essential to find out what’s going on deep in you. 

Isolating the source takes skill, intuition, and discernment. 

We all have these abilities. They simply require cultivation. 

When you harness the ability to dance and play with your unsettling emotions and turn them into something glorious, you will shine as a glamorous, confident being does. 

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We’ll see if we can assist you to still the waters and make ease and fun a lifestyle. 

Michael Matucci, PhD

Encompass Life