06.01.2022 02:08 PM By Encompass

Liberate Yourself

What is freedom to you? Some say that freedom is doing whatever you want, whenever you want! For some it’s about having millions of dollars and jet setting to exotic locations. For others, that means living a life of ease on whatever means available and working on your passion. Far from something you do, freedom is a feeling inside of you.

People think that freedoms can be restricted by state regulations, or some folks feel other than free when we lead our members into new ways of speaking. They believe that they are less than free because they have to evaluate where they can go or think about what they say. No matter what papers anyone asks for, signs they put up, or words that they insist on, there are simply guidelines. You truly can do whatever you choose. And, more importantly, even if you follow these guidelines, you can be free inside of yourself.

You can be free in a prison, in any job, and in any situation. We have the choice of how we feel, and that is the ultimate freedom. You have the keys to travel wherever in the Universe you please and bring as much ease and fun into your world as you choose. It’s all up to you to navigate the path to your kingdom!

If you ever have a restrictive moment that you think it’s too hard to face or too much work to change, remember that you manifested it in your life. And that perhaps, you are giving yourself the chance to take your next step into greater ease and freedom. Take a deep, life-giving breath, breathe out and SMILE! Freedom is in your grasp.

With you every step of the way,

The Encompass Life Team