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With a high commitment to values and service, we empower people to live in truth, love, and integrity and consciously and powerfully co-create their lives, and then help others do the same.

Through personal coaching, online technique classes, and live transformational experiences, we equip people with an understanding of spiritual laws and their application, the tools to read their environment and create radical change and the encouragement and accountability to walk their greatest path and purpose.

Encompass Life is dedicated to enrich and expand businesses, families, relationships, sports teams, healing centers, and anywhere where growth and consciousness are a priority and physical, emotional, and spiritual advancement are paramount.


“We ignite passion, fun and enthusiasm within conscious leaders and empower them to share this transformation within their families, social groups, and organizations”


Values are huge for us! We live and operate from our values within our company, families, classes, events, and client sessions. These are more than words on website, they are our mantra for daily life.

Honesty in what we speak in all circumstances and situations in life. We speak what is. Anything less is a lie.

We do what we say and say what we do. Our word is our bond and our values are our foundation. We require impeccability from all with whom we work.

We speak only what is. Even if someone else may become uncomfortable from our speaking the truth, we stay committed to sharing what will most help our clients. Communicated with love, the truth will set you free.

When we approach more and more of life with a sense of play, with the heart, ease, and innocence of a child, we can access higher levels of consciousness, reach innovative solutions, and have a great time doing it.

We remain present with others as reactions and strong emotions arise. We stay with you and in the moment. Here is the place of feeling, sensing, and fully experiencing life. We’ll be there as long as you choose to be!

We speak directly from our higher selves to the higher selves of others. Spirit to spirit. We share what’s truly in others’ best interest as challenging as it is to say and hear. We stand strongly in humble service to your divine potential.

“Define your priorities, know your values and believe in your purpose.
Only then can you effectively share yourself with others.”

Les Brown

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