• Autumn 2022 
    Incredible Intro Specials

Weekly Lifts

Bring whatever is bothering you most in your life to our virtual problem-reversal gathering each Thursday. We walk you through life’s complicated situations. Meet-ups are ongoing, and new players are welcome at any time.

It’s currently being offered a special introductory investment of $144 per month, an incredible offer!

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How to Wow 

This three day, live presence immersion helps participants move from the BIGGEST questions and worries they have right now...  

How can I move this thing forward?" 
“WOW! I got it!!! Now, I see my path!“ 

This powerful deep dive includes a private, complimentary 30-minute Eye-Talk (TM) session ($400 value!!)

Boca Raton, Florida, December 2-4. 
Houston, Texas, December 16-18.

Total is a 2022 special of $997. 
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The Basics - Live Group Journey

How much more powerful will you be when you comprehend how life really works? How much easier will things get when you get the words that manifest quickly and avoid the ones that take you in a downward direction? 

Connect the dots! The dots of your life, work, and relationships that are waiting for you to step up. In this small group gathering, we will lay down the fundamentals upon which you can build a whole new life.

Online starting the 10th of January. 

2022 special is $997, and includes a complimentary private QLT session! A big value! 

January Evenings
February Daytime
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Busy on the 13th? Watch a Recorded Version


How do you usually feel after the holidays? Your tummy? Trousers? Energy? There's a way to feel much better! In one evening we'll set you up to greet the cravings, constant food, traffic, and obligations with way more ease than ever before. 

In this essential holiday prep, we’ll share insights on:
  • Addressing the cravings that show up in a totally and powerful way
  • Our Multi-pronged approach to dealing with stress if it arises
  • Nutritional tips to keep trimmer, more vibrant, and enjoy eating
  • Getting the power to steer the family ship into a holiday of peace and ease

NEW DATE!! *** DECEMBER 13TH!!!***

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Life Game Secrets - Video Version

This course is the closest thing that you’ll get an instruction manual for the game of life. A compilation of the most poignant and profound advice and examples shared in several Basics courses, this offering is literally the building blocks for a life change and upgrades in any area that you desire. The words to use to consciously manifest, the universal laws that you can use to create, and the emotional guidance system that we all have inside are some of the incredible tools that you’ll gain by watching. 

Recorded course includes live Q&As with Encompass teachers. 
Online and available now.

Investment is specially set at $292 for a limited time!

What are the Specific Keys to Your Quantum Leap?

We are happy to find them with you at zero cost. Our work is highly customized and personal because each man/woman’s path is unique. Click the link here for a free peak into what we do and to book a call. A live connect can help us see if we are a match.