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dEC 3-5
HOW TO WOW/ Boca raton/ jan 14-16
Language, EMotion, & Wellbeing/ ONLINE/ TBD
Cravings and addictions / online/ Free mini-class available!
Turning your complaints to dollars/ online/ tbd
Healing the unhealable/ ONLINE/ TBD
Your eyes are talking/ ONLINE/ TBD


Turning Issues into Great Outcomes with Speed and Ease

Have you ever felt stuck figuring out how to get something done, find an answer, a solution, a way forward? Have you stopped at a crossroads, pondering for guidance, inspiration, and feeling frustration and anxiety without a clear path ahead?

How to Wow taps into the force of nature inside of you to arrive at answers fast. It’s a quantum leap to creative solutions, innovations at work, and love upgrades in relationships that have been struggling or just okay. In a power-packed weekend we can empower you with lifetime tools to make those shifts for yourselves at any time and in any place!

Houston, Texas - December 3-5, 2021
Boca Raton, Florida - January 14-16, 2022

turning your complaints to dollars

Turning Issues into Great Outcomes with Speed and Ease

Do you have all the financial abundance that you are looking for? Have you been doing all the right things to bring in money and still things are just okay? Do you find yourself working extremely hard for what you earn and wish it were easier?

What you are most challenged by, frustrated by, or complaining about might hold the key to open your door of financial freedom. In this class you’ll connect to simple skills to propel yourself to greater abundance in money as well as love, life, and health. Employees, executives, and entrepreneurs, join us for a class to accelerate your life and your business in ways few people believe to be possible.

expand your intuition & vision

tap further into your guidance and ability to see the big picture

Our brains are wonderful and were designed for day to day processing of information and automation of tasks. It has all the answers, or does it? Have you ever been looking for guidance? Unsure about where and how to step forward? Hesitant at how to assist someone else?

You are wired for so much more! You can connect to the Field and access answers, ideas, innovations, upgrades, and pathways forward. To access this amazingness, you require to switch on and train this internal system. We'll share with you a few ways to do that.

Roots of Cravings and addictions

Pulling out the roots of your struggles with foods, drinks, and substances

Do you have burdensome habits, cravings, or addiction you have battled with for a while? A yearning that is no longer suiting where you are going in life, and it just keeps hanging around?

What if the habits and cravings were in response to another challenge going on in your life that your body was trying to make up for? You were being drawn to certain foods, drinks, substances, and behaviors that were helping keep a sense of balance inside, but actually ended up causing more harm than good?

We will help you find what’s at the root of your urges, remove them, and actually find an even bigger upgrade that’s been waiting for you.

Click "Watch Now" to view one of our students live trasnformation as she moved from 20 years of addiction to sobriety in under 15 minutes.

Reading your Body Language

What's Your Body Saying to You?

Are you aware that your body is always telling a story? Also, it’s always telling the truth! Our body and our subconscious or feeling world are directly linked.

A rub of your shoulder, an achy knee, migraines, and much more all point to the time, pattern, emotion, and belief that you’ve been holding onto. When you decode these signals, you can turn the discomfort into something miraculous.

A body that’s experiencing some pain, limitation, or slowdown is still a healthy body! It’s a talking body. When you start to understand what it's telling you, rapid upgrades and transformation can result!

Your Eyes are Talking

Decode the Map to Consciousness

The iris fibers, the pupil shape, and the red lines in the whites of your eyes all represent different things that are happening in your world and what your body is ready to heal and transform. The eyes reveal behavior patterns, suppressed emotions, life missions, and limiting thought forms that we can shift.

Much more than pointing out what’s wrong with you, they highlight the road of opportunity and possibility that awaits! We love reading eyes that are enthusiastic about sharing this powerful work. Start a journey with eye talk, and see what you've been missing.

healing the unhealable

the most stubborn physical and emotional conditions can shift!

Some things like old trauma, current pains, chronic illness, fractured relationships with family and partners, these can feel immovable at times. Really tough. We get it. We'd like you to get that anything and everything can shift. There is hope.

We love to empower people over and past their blocks, conditions, and challenges, and we like to do so fast. Using the Quantum Field and an innerstanding of how the Universe really works, miracles can happen when you firmly commit to them and engage in certain activities. Join us for this free webinar to find out more.


Reprogram your Subconscious to Work for you

The words that we say are consistently reinforcing our existing programming, which is giving us more and more of what we have learned the world to be. Whether we speak consciously or unconsciously, and most of what we say is automatic, like our breath, we get pretty what our language suggests. Affirmations often fail to work because they are counteracted by many more words to the contrary. Your true nature is to be abundant! In this class, remember the words that will walk you toward that abundance in all that you desire, love, peace, fun, freedom, friendship, finances and more!


Tapping into all that your partnership is meant to be!

Do you feel that you could have more with your significant other? Is there more love, connection, and collaboration to be had with your kids, parents, and soul partners? So many have their relationships on a loop, going through the day to day routine and expectations with some sweet, loving and enjoyable moments in between. As good as those moments can be, there is way, way more out there for you! Drop into this class to get a glimpse of what your relationships can grow into, and some tools to tap into the beauty that is waiting.

“Process of change requires you becoming conscious of your unconscious self.”

Joe Dispenza

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