Welcome to Encompass Life, home to coaches and trainers empowering people with the art and science of personal transformation at a high consciousness level. Our Quantum Leap Technique (QLT), includes unique and highly accurate diagnostic tools, a comprehensive understanding and attunement to Universal Spiritual Laws, and access to our Emotional Guidance System. QLT opens the door to breakthrough results in businesses, relationships, family and the ability to help, heal, and transform others.


awaken the inner power to manifest your dreams & propel others to amazing heights


Founder & CEO Mark Scherer

Our Encompass Life team members have all began their journey as clients. Many of them have done work in other potent programs and achieved results. Our unique system and heart-centered support structure attracted them in and empowered them to levels far above what they had experienced, which ultimately inspired them to join forces and form the team you see today. Our approach is simple: facilitate the greatest consciousness shift in the most fun, easy, and efficient manner possible. We call our special system the Quantum Leap Technique (QLT). Our coaches, who will do whatever it takes for our clients and students to connect to their bliss in life, set the stage for effective and enduring results. I invite you to experience QLT in your Life, NOW!


My wife and I had tried several different types of therapy and marital counseling that helped for a while, yet we eventually kept coming back to the same issues. We both say that the "turning point" in our relationship came once we started working with Encompass. What takes years in therapy happened in minutes for us with ELC.

Dr. Adam Podraza
Chiropractor & Business Owner

I witnessed in myself how the power of my words along with bringing enthusiasm to the process allowed me to find patterns causing discord or “a charge” and reverse the pattern. Instead of getting rid of what appeared to cause pain or discomfort the process transforms pain or weakness into my greatest asset...

Rhonda Johnson

I was amazed as all of my times improved. I felt for the first time a new level of ease in my body which translated to improved performance. I was shocked at how effective and quick this happened.

Professional Track & Field Athlete


Coaches, managers, counselors, teachers, parents, entrepreneurs, health care providers and folks in the public eye all have important responsibilities in our families and communities and we choose to empower YOU!

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