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How? to WOW!Jacksonville, Florida; August 2-4
The "How to WOW!" journey helps you uncover your inner potential. We'll identify what's been holding you back and guide you towards moments of clarity where you can break free and shine.

The Basics - August 6-29 [Live Online]

Transform your life with 'The Basics'! This powerful course starts August 6th and blesses you through August 29th. Discover your full potential and achieve your goals. Tuesday and Thursday, 7-9 PM EDT. 

Limited spots available.

Transform your life with 'The Basics'! This powerful course starts September 6th and blesses you through September 25th. Discover your full potential and achieve your goals. Monday and Wednesday, 10AM-12 PM EST. 

Limited spots available.

Body Electronics - St. Simons Island, Georgia; October 2 - 6 [Prep begins September 2] 

When primed, cleared, and charged, our bodies can show us the way to exactly what requires to be moved, healed and transformed for prime health to rush in. Furthermore, it can lead us to insights and innate abilities stored within and waiting to be accessed. Using Body Electronics, a super unique and seldom seen technique, we will collaborate in a sacred, group format to tap into your inner knowing and set you up for major breakthroughs and life upgrades. 


This stunning eight-episode journey is the binge-worthy series that will change your life in the process. It's deep and rich, so you may end up watching it many times over.  This instruction manual for the Game of Life has been called my many advanced educators and healers one of the best courses they've taken in their entire lives.

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Words of Effective Manifestation

Is what you're saying helping or hurting you or both? Do you have a firm grasp on which words do what and where the many traps are in common speech?

This course is a manual to stop the self-sabotage and to start getting what you truly desire without the pain, stress, and anguish. 

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