How is this different than life coaching, mindset coaching and therapy?

Most styles of coaching and therapy are brain-centered and the work is left to the client to do on his/her own. Clients share issues and these professionals give advice based their education and experience. The client then has to apply those suggestions on his/her own after the session. If both the coach/psychologist was correct and the client applies that suggestion well, then it can be helpful to a point. However, since it only works at the level of the conscious, alert mind, and that mind is only active 5% of the time, it's tough to get more than 5% of your potential realized.

Working at the level of the subconscious, which runs the show 95% of the time, we can find the real root of an issue and change it here. Inside of outside in, info into brain, we go inside out. We touch the deepest patters and empower others to reverse them, on their own. These upgrades then beam out behavior all day and night. Plus, what we do is faster and more potent. We use our Quantum Leap Technique to quickly and reliably establish the exact root cause of the condition. Then, we do the transformation right then and there in the session. No waiting until next week. No leaving things to chance. We get the job done. Because it's like deep laser work, it can be more intense. It's emotional. It's also rapid and powerful and can even shift patterns that go back generations. It's your choice: talking about issues for years or reversing them in weeks. 

How is this different than NLP?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming does put emphasis on body language and spoken words, two areas that we too enjoy; however, our goals and systems are very distinct. In addition to going many levels more detailed, our body movement interpretation is used to identify messages from the core being. It has little to do with the mind. There's nothing to fix or retrain. We simply see and offer a new choice. We also translate body codes, the messages arising from pains, illness, injuries, and many, many type of discomforts and body conditions. Those translations have some relation to Chinese Medicine. 

Furthermore, instead of coaxing someone to stop a habit or start a new one, we assist them in shifting the root cause of the undesirable behavior and allow the body to take its perfect, divine form. While NLP is programming people, we are deprogramming people. We go to the God, Love, Life inside someone and help him/her create more space for it to flourish. 

Does this really work that well?

Our system is based in Spiritual Law, and these Laws are already working perfectly in your Life now. Our aim is to empower folks to understand these Laws, how the universe actually functions in relation to our lives, and apply them consciously, and on a daily basis, to produce the results they desire. 

Is this system Christian or religious in nature? 

There is no affiliation with any religion. We do cite some of the same ancient wisdom, teachings, and scripture used by religions. Many of those scriptures are included in the Christian Bible. Rather than religious what we do is very spiritual, as we are all spiritual beings and live in a spiritual world. By addressing things on a spiritual level first, we enable swift changes to happen in all other areas of life: physical, mental, and emotional. The spirit is the key. 

Is it pricey?

That depends on your perspective of money and value. What is the opportunity cost of continuing where you are? What is the potential return in every aspect of your life of comprehending how the Life Game really works and alchemizing your faults and traumas into strengths and gifts?  

We are premiere educational and empowerment institution, and like the Ivy League what you do with us is worth the investment and beyond. It’s profound life change, fast. 

We also have a few powerful products that easily fit any budget. 

Is this covered by insurance?

Not at this time.

What's the best starting place for me?

Everything we do is tailored to each man and woman. These are essentially individual offerings that are carried out in both private and group sessions. We recommend our four month Self-Mastery offering for everyone really committed to change. 

We also have a couple of in-presence, live immersions to shake things up and catalyze healing, and these are also open enrollment. How? to WOW! and Body Electronics are memorable and miraculous courses to pop open vision, clarity, intuition, an optimal body, and much more. 

Currently, we are allowing enrollment in the first module of the Self-Mastery course, which is called The Basics of the Life Game. It’s a value-packed month of online group and private calls to set a quantum foundation to play with Life at a huge new level. 

How many people are in classes?

The journey that we take people on is intimate, personal, and customized to each man and woman. Thus, when we meet together, we gather in groups of 10-30. 

Our membership weekly jams can grow larger from time to time. It’s more of a gathering and coaching space at base camp rather than our excursion up the mountain. We offer it at a super-economical rate to give everyone a chance to get in the game!

Are the classes hard?

That depends on your perspective. There’s nothing inherently complex about what we do; actually, we bring participants back to the simplicity of who they really are and help them switch on their innate abilities. We also bring light to what is blocking people’s progress, and sometimes folks like to hold onto those blocks, as strange as that looks to read! For those that resist and try to fight, they can make their experience way more challenging that it requires to be. So, the answer to the questions is: it’s up to you.