12.29.2021 03:10 PM By Encompass

gut health and happy living

Did you know that your gut holds eleven pounds of bacteria?! These essential critters, which outnumber our actual number of cells, are connected to how we feel!

We’re all familiar with that term “gut feeling.” When you’re nervous you might feel “butterflies in your tummy.” When you’re alarmed, you may feel tightness in your abdomen. When you’re sad, you may feel an “ache to your core.” When you think about it, you may use expressions like, “This (situation) gives me the poops,” or “I can’t stomach (someone’s) behavior!”

How do these trillions of bacteria in your gut affect your mood and mental health?! Scientists, as they often do, have been looking at the problems such as the connection in cases of discomfort such as that of Chrone’s disease or IBS. Their conclusions are elusive. Fewer have looked into the impact of these living beings on our uplifting emotions, although a healthy digestive system certainly enables us to get more of the good stuff from our food and remove the excess, especially what can toxify. Constipation can lead to brain fog and fuzzy behavior. Our gut has been called our “second brain.”

One thing is clear, bacteria are a big part of us and thus paying attention to them is paying attention to ourselves. So, make sure to love your GUTS OUT today by giving yourself gut nourishing nutrients, like kombucha, fermented foods, and whole, raw plant foods! Probiotics, such as those from Young Living, can also be a helpful asset to a better functioning operating system!

Happy healthy eating friends!

Abundant Blessings,

The Encompass Life Team