03.17.2023 03:43 PM By Encompass

There are many different ways to approach health and healing, but what if you've really tried them all? Here’s how your subconscious beliefs could be holding you back from healing your illnesses.

Most people are just looking at the moment that they’re in, not their whole life. 

This very moment you're in is just a small slice of the entire apple pie of your amazing existence. We’re constantly looking at what’s happening right now, in this day, in this week, in this month, in this situation, as opposed to, looking at the evolution of an entire relationship, the evolution of an entire job, or mission, or professional trajectory, or even an entire life. 

Now imagine you can look beyond this situation, at you or your client's whole life story, start to finish.  Now look at this thing that you think, or your client or patient thinks is beyond fixing or beyond reproach. Could it make sense, that this situation is actually here for a reason, like the challenge in a movie, book, or play. The main character in your story can not move on from their initial position without a challenge. Ultimately, challenges are here to awaken our path.

What if this big thing that seemed almost impossible was here to drive you towards your calling?

This is other than disregarding your pain or situation, rather it is looking at it from a different and much higher perspective, so that you can see the reason it’s here. Once we can see it from a different perspective, we then can start noticing what it is driving us toward. And ultimately,  when I go towards what that is, the situation will eventually dissolve because it no longer needs to take place. This is how the overall “life game” works. 

If we get beyond this 3D construct of “this is the illness, this is the remedy”, “the remedy is not working, I have this condition and that’s it”. We can change our language to: I’m on this big cosmic journey and this is one important piece. The bigger, the better for a cosmic journey and I’m going to look at this in a new way.

The answer to your healing starts in you. All healing is self-healing. If some condition has really been holding on in you, the bigger the sign it is for your soul path and the bigger the blessing on the other side!

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