06.06.2023 08:20 PM By Encompass

The truth behind your sugar cravings lies in more than just habits and mineral levels. You can be the healthiest eater in the world and still crave sweets because of what's going on in your “feeling” world.

A lot of us feel we are missing something. We feel we are missing out. Maybe we’re missing out in a relationship or our relationship is tougher than we expect it to be. Or let's say you have a good job, but it's a lot of work and it's not as satisfying as you thought it would be. Maybe we feel we’re missing out on the journey or you're doing great in some areas, but life in general is more of a struggle or strife.

Cravings come up when we are missing some spice in our lives, or when we are missing out on the sweetness of life. We crave zest and fun and not fulfilling these needs leads to our feelings translating into lack. The body will start seeking out compensation for this missing piece.

 This lack will subconsciously call you to the cookie aisle or the ice cream aisle. You end up forming an addiction to the placation which that dessert gives. You resign your natural and innate power and instead form the thought process of “oh that was an easy fix, I’m going to get me another one of those.” 

What sweets do is give you a momentary out. This form of satisfaction works just like everything else done from the outside-in, whether it’s substance, food, medicine, etc., it decreases the body's ability to deal with the emotion, where it originates and ignores the body's natural healing abilities.

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