05.04.2023 06:51 PM By Encompass

Coaches need coaching too. Find out how your inner work can propel your coaching career.

In our society there are so many tools, techniques, softwares and coachings available to us. There are tons of different things that we can get and technologies we can put in place and people we can rely on to help us try to expand our businesses or generate more income. 

These are all outside of us and they have their function.

However, until we’ve gone in deep and really started to do “the work” to recognize our core being, our coaching businesses will hit a peak and then stagnate. 


Because the world is a reflection of us. Everything going on inside of you is being reflected, in some way shape or form, in what you see on the big screen of life. This reflection includes your intimate life, your business life, your community and even your world. This reflective rule applies to everyone, even coaches, mentors, teachers, and experts.

If you've been struggling in expanding your coaching business, feel into how that struggle to expand may be a reflection of a roadblock within you. 

If you're in a session where you are in the coaching seat, you also need to remember that this man or woman in front of you being coached is also reflecting you. 

Meaning, you also could have your own story that the folks who come into your space are playing out for you. 

Ask yourself if you have a story going on which they’re voicing for you. Do you say things like what they are expressing? Or do you ask yourself the same kinds of questions as they do? Or maybe you have hatred for a similar situation? Ask yourself what story you have running, about the certain subject matter you and your client choose to speak of. 

Getting others out of their stories involves recognizing that we are all glorious beings of light, who are reflecting one another. If you get out of the guru chair, where you share your great advice and you're the expert, you can apply your own training and inner exercise to coach yourself, while you also coach your clients. It’s so much more fun to actually be playing in the sessions, as opposed to just being the expert and sharing your head knowledge. 

 If you're choosing to be legendary, you must recognize that you are a part of the process and whatever is being brought up, has to move from knowing, or head knowledge, into embodiment. 

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