07.13.2022 03:26 PM By Encompass

Where Have you set yours?

Many people speak from the mindset that a lot of things are happening to them in their lives and they haven’t figured out why. One person is acting disrespectfully, another person is failing to support, one takes advantage of your kindness, and another ignores your requests. Whatever oddity is happening in your relationships, you can reclaim your ground.

A healthy place to start is to check into where you put your boundaries, the fence around your spiritual home, and resetting them to a place that honors yourself. When you fail to hold your boundaries, you send the message to the Universe that you will accept for your barriers to be disrespected, that your values are like a flimsy construction fence. Thus, more people will walk right over them.

Whatever the scenario, you’re in control. Claim your power back by verbally setting your boundaries in a clear, concise, and grounded way so that others are aware. You can do so with kindness and love. It can even be light and fun. Express your playful authority and ensure that they get it. Very importantly, ask them to agree to your request.

Then, it’s important for you to hold the line. If they cross it, point it out with love, as you would do for a little child that’s wandering off or playing too rough with a flower, puppy, or a baby. Most people crossing boundaries are doing so unconsciously. They miss how they are impacting others. Treat them with kindness, and ask for a recommitment to your agreement.

It’s up to you to create, communicate and hold your boundaries. Talk from your feeling world and communicate their importance to you. A true partner and friend will agree to them and respect them. If someone continues to trample them, you might choose to consider if it’s someone with whom you choose to continue your relationship. Respect and boundaries go hand in hand.

Abundant Blessings,

The Encompass Life Team