10.02.2023 09:09 AM By Encompass

At Encompass Life, we often encounter frazzled moms and dads, "Can you fix my kid!?" They are stressing me out! Not exactly. 

That’s what parents think is the reason for their stress. Read on to find the real culprit. 

Parents often worry about their children's performance, asking questions, "Why aren't my kids doing well in school?" “How can I get them to focus?” and how they are getting along, "How can I stop my kids from fighting?" 

Parents can be perplexed by their children's behavior, "Why is my child acting this way?" or "How can I make my child quieter?" “How can I get them to listen?” 

When parents seek help about their overactive children at Encompass Life, we direct them to point that finger back at themselves. It all starts within them. Yes, the key is them. 

Here's what most overlook: children are like little mirrors, reflecting the frequency, emotions, patterns, and programs of their parents in myriad ways, both visible and completely out of sight. 

They imitate what they observe and hear and then unconsciously emulate it or run away from it.

To tackle these challenges, begin with self-awareness and self-improvement. Just being present to your feelings and observing how they impact family dynamics will open your eyes. 

Shifting the dense and inflammatory emotions within yourself leads to a more harmonious household. Stabilize and grow your own inner world and the waterfall of calm and flow will soak your kids. 

Here are a few essentials with which to start: 

  • Self-Reflection: Stop passing the blame. Look at your responsibility. That’s where the stress originates. What aspects of your life are ripe for change? What have you been avoiding or burying within? There are likely many areas that can be addressed, all waiting to be transformed to assist your soul path.

  • Embracing Your Potential: Remember that your children’s behaviors are more than surface challenges; they are reminders of something in your ready to shift and the greatness within you waiting to emerge. ie. If you play small in life, they’ll play small. By addressing your own focus, confidence, and courage, you lead by example, enhance your own life and create space for your children to heal and flourish independently.

  • Get some coaching: as much as both parenting and self-work seems easy and obvious - you’ve seen it all before - there’s way more available. Unless you plan on doing a solo deep dive for years, quite the impossible if you have a young family, you could really benefit from some assistance to grow your skills fast. Invest in you. Massive upgrades await. 

To truly understand the profound impact of our approach, watch this clip where children who were initially unable to ride bikes or focus on straightforward tasks transformed into award-winning martial artists that excelled at school and work. 

Anything can change with commitment and dedication.  

It’s a solution that takes more than a day, and it’s very worth it. In the words of St. Augustine, "Patience is the companion of wisdom."

We invite you to reach out to us if you face challenges in your parenting journey. 

Together, we can explore weaving something extraordinary into the tapestry of your parenting experience.

Michael Matucci, PhD

Encompass Life