03.23.2022 11:57 AM By Encompass

You know we are all about energy here at Encompass Life! We’re also way into big fun and play. The Urban Dictionary defines "big dad energy" as: 

1. the energy given off by men when they do typical dad things

2. the sexy energy given off by dads when they go above and beyond the normal responsibility of being a father/ husband or doing kind things for their wife or kids

3. energy given off by kind, handsome and/or well off men between the ages of 30-65 or however old Pierce Brosnan is

4. energy given off by clothes that seem like they could be worn by a dad or a hot dad

Today, we're celebrating Big Dad Energy, and all our biological fathers, adoptive family fathers, foster child fathers, community father figures and more. We celebrate you! 

Who all have been the father figures in your life? Who for you has had big dad energy? The few minutes that you take to share your love and appreciation for them will make a difference in their lives today. Take a moment to share your gratitude.

Abundant Blessings, 

The Encompass Life Team