10.06.2021 06:09 PM By Encompass

it starts with breath

“Breathe it all in, love it all out.”

How much attention do you give your life-giving breath? What happens to it when you are laughing uncontrollably? When you are excited? When you are exercising? When you are cuddling with your favorite cuddle buddy? Now, compare that to what happens to your breath when you feel angry? Grieved? Agitated?

It can be expansive and full of life and joy as well as short and tight and life restricting. One opens the flow within you and the other crimps it off. It can be awakened and also automatic.

Practicing conscious breathing can improve how we handle stressful situations and increase overall life force. We can whisk away the clutter of the day and the stickiness of a situation with a few minutes of intentional breathing. That can create the space for clarity and new choices. Then connecting to an uplifting emotion can spark a chain reaction that changes our physiology.

Take a moment to feel your breath, meditate on what you'll build your day on and to imbue your work with. Really feel it, then breathe in deep and breathe it out into existence. Put it into motion. E-motion! Breathe deeply and powerfully and visualize your breath of life feeding all that you are bringing into the world!

Breathe consciously my friends!

Abundant Blessings, 

The Encompass Life Team