11.03.2021 06:09 PM By Encompass

the law of correspondence 

Do you have any friends and family members that are stuck? They are enmeshed in some tension and operating at a suboptimal level? We probably all do! Now, who are they blaming for their condition? What state of energy and how much real power do they exhibit while complaining about another person or situation? As the Law of Spiritual Correspondence points out, whatever is happening inside of you will happen around you. Blaming someone else for causing a challenge in your life is leaking power out the back door. Claiming your responsibility for your life, and choosing to remember that you are divinely resourced and that joy is available in you, and then connecting to your support and joy, you will begin to see evidence of that around you. 

Keep connecting to that inner remembrance and invoking your big feelings each day and eventually you will write on the walls of your subconscious that you are that, and your world will respond in kind. It must. It’s law. To add more color to your world, dig in you for more bright feelings and radiant truths, rinse, and repeat! What limiting beliefs are you hanging onto? If you let them around, where will you be in five years? In alignment with the Big You that you are destined to step into, or seeing more of the same and maybe worse? If you’re ready for change in your world, now is a sweet time to gently and attentively take note of stuck feelings, feel them, make peace with them, and then substitute them with something new. The floor is yours. You are the choreographer, dancer, and DJ of your life.


Encompass Life Team