09.22.2021 06:09 PM By Encompass

One of the biggest challenges as a coach is helping someone move from wanting to having. 

The word want means to desire without ever having. Imagine if someone is living in that craving, without ever tasting those fruits, and the feelings that can arise in this situation: anger, frustration, hate, jealousy. Since the Universe mirrors and builds on our thoughts, words and feelings, the more we want, the more frustration or jealousy we get.  

These feelings produce chemicals in our body that mix together in a cocktail, and similar to other chemicals, these substances can become an addiction. This state of addiction, since it is produced within our own powerful body, is more insidious than doing drugs or alcohol.  There’s no outside action of consumption to take time and effort. They come from a fountain flowing continuously from within.

For the person to change this pattern, as with any other addiction, he is first required to see it and the results it produces in his life. If he is in denial, or the contempt of, the pattern he will not see the results of living in it.  

As an individual moves above those emotions he begins to see that there’s a choice. When he connects to the feeling of already having the object of his desire, even for a moment, he is able to start sensing the results of living in the state of want and living in the state of having. The choice is made simple.  

As his ability grows to be aware and continue to choose on a daily basis, his life begins to reflect the changes. The reflected responses build and up goes his confidence, trust, and reverence for the beautiful gift of Life.  

Some say this is a process of surrender. In my perspective this is actually a process of courage.  And as our courage increases so does the caliber of our manifestations and our effectiveness in our career, relationships, and family.  

It’s your choice! Want or have. Choose courageously, my friends.


Abundant Blessings, 

Encompass Life team