10.27.2021 06:09 PM By Encompass

Why Does the Quantum Field Matter to You? 

Quantum mechanics is the study of how forces in nature interact at the scale of atoms and subatomic particles. It’s been proven that we, and all objects, are mostly empty space between protons and zipping and zooming electrons. Nothing is solid. All is in motion, the speed of which can be translated into what we’ve called frequency and vibration. 

Our vibration can impact other people’s vibrations around ours like two tuning forks. We are also participants in the same larger field, and we may have left electrons and imprints with people that we saw years ago. And, we are also connected to the people around us in a larger field that goes beyond our own. We are connected to people near and far! Contemplate billions of people on this planet engaged in meaningful thoughts, words, and work, sharing resources and discovering new things. With all of that data in the field, all the answers are close to us! 

Can we connect to that? Absolutely yes! 
Can it go the other direction? Can we send out loving ideas, help another heal and upgrade by just working on ourselves? You bet. 

In our classes at Encompass Life, we work first and foremost on ourselves. When I identify the limiting factors in me, and step forward to face and transform them, then I can most powerfully impact the field around me, which is my world. I can impact people far and near. What I do for me, I do for my family, my workplace, and my community. 

We have a bunch of new opportunities for you to expand yourself and those around you!  

Abundant  Blessings, 

The Encompass Life Team