08.25.2021 06:09 PM By Encompass

invert the org chart

“We lead by serving, and we serve by leading.” Have you ever heard that one? This old favorite of my dad’s was his near daily reminder that leadership is both a big responsibility and also a way to lovingly serve the people around you, family included. 

Effective leaders are self-aware individuals that prioritize their self-development, something that we at Encompass Life choose to assist with in this very mailer. Leaders stay open, aware, and ask revealing questions, “What is the lesson here? What can this challenge transform into? What can I do to increase my clarity and better lift and empower others?” 

Wise leaders develop those around them. They lift up their coworkers, families, communities and even their fans and followers and spark life, ideas, and solutions for their world. Instead of always stepping in to put out fires, conscious leaders enroll others in solving their own issues and give them space to make mistakes. Bringing the team together to firmly and peacefully address issues and getting them to share the lessons that can be derived from a situation, as well as asking your child what they feel about something that arises at home or in their world, gives others a chance to exercise their power and engage in the direction of group. 

Disempowered people withdraw. Powerful people act powerfully. 

Abundant Blessings, The Encompass Life Team