01.12.2022 04:13 PM By Encompass

use a rich vocabulary

“People with a poverty vocabulary live in poverty. People with rich vocabularies live in riches.”

Those of us in America were born into a society with a limited use of language. Our common English is a watered down version of the original, which perhaps came together as a mish-mash of other European languages. The casual form it is spoken today could be considered a “poor” representation of its rich roots.

As we’ve seen a decline in values, truth, and collective success and abundance in our society, it’s natural to see the typical way of speech to reflect that loosening, downward trend from rich to poor.

One specific example is the use of the word “not.” Say these out loud and feel their energy in your body: “This isn’t working.” “I don’t know.” “I can’t right now.” “That’s not right.” This energy come with speaking what isn’t. Are you getting an uplifting and enthusiastic feeling or are they tying your torso in knots?

Before uttering a casual “not” because it seems like the typical or easiest thing to say, take a moment. An upgrade is still available to you. Drop your shoulders, take a deep breath, relax your jaw, drop your tongue, relax your brow. Feel for a sentence that describes what actually is happening. That’s the energy of truth.

When you speak what is, instead of what is not, you are speaking Life! When talking intentionally you are speaking what you choose to put into existence, and it shows!

Abundant Blessings, 

The Encompass Life Team