03.02.2022 04:47 PM By Encompass

shift your belief systems

Often when we ask people what is standing between them and their desires, they offer many excuses that often pertain to their age, the economy, the government, their neighborhood, their family, their boss, their partner or the lack thereof. Their standards then lower over time to conform to this reality that there are many factors that limit the realization of their dreams. They might work hard, but at the same time they are also busy making excuses.

All of these excuses are B.S., Belief Systems, that are draining, limiting and destructive. Take heart, we can transform all of this BS into fertilizer. When properly addressed, they can help you grow.

It starts with an inner commitment to change, to stick with high values and standards, and to consciously choose, with your thoughts, words, and feelings, a high quality of life, to follow your intuition, to trust that the Divine has got your back, and that more love, not less, is the answer.

You have the capacity to obliterate excuses and change any part of your life in an instant! That includes your relationships, your working environment, your health, your income, your emotional states, just by working on yourself. Your outside is a reflection of your inner.

If you truly choose to, you can do almost anything! You opted in to these emails because you choose to take part in a conscious awakening, which starts in you, and we are honored to be your partner in this!

Let’s choose to change the world!

Abundant Blessings,

The Encompass Life Team