04.14.2023 10:08 AM By Encompass

Venting may be holding you back rather than helping. How do our words about past events affect our current and future realities?

First, recognize that what you’re saying, you’re perpetuating.

When we vent, we are giving energy to the past. We are giving events that already happened, that we didn’t like in the first place, attention by complaining about it or constantly thinking about it and replaying it over and over. 

Venting will re-energize the feelings brought up from this circumstance. It puts energy back in and then locks it into place by emphasizing those words and feelings all over again.

 We must remember that every word we say has an impact on our subconscious, on the field around us. We are producing with our words.

At first, it may feel good to express and let it all out, which does have its benefits. But, when we start repeating our hurt over and over, that venting becomes the new programming language of our subconscious. It will train our subconscious to focus on complaint, and outcomes you don't want rather than outcomes you do desire. 

As coaches, mentors or loved ones, if we know someone who is caught up in their story, we get to interrupt, with as much love as we can. Sometimes it can be more direct because they’re bringing it back to life and going the opposite direction of healing. When we can remember to speak life into our world, and regain our focus, not only will solutions flow abundantly but our creativity and vitality will also expand. 

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