05.24.2023 09:54 PM By Encompass

A quick guide to reigniting the spark when you're losing interest in your partner. 

Love can be so much more than initial attraction and feeling comfortable around one another and being teammates in a household. It becomes so much more when we're going within and recognizing that Love is inside of us and that our close relationships are there to mirror what we have going on on the inside. 

Are partners and all the people we are in close relationships with are there to trigger us and bring up points of conflict within us. Meaning that head chatter that comes up when he doesn't do the dishes, or forgets to take the garbage out, or spends too much time on his phone, is important, just not in the way most people think. The complaints that come up in your head when she isn't giving you enough attention in the bedroom, or she just nags and nags, or when she doesn’t open up to you the way you'd like, are important!

People take these triggers that upset them as the reason they should swipe left, or start dabbling on the side, or as a reason to open the channel to someone else, or just check out in a relationship. But these triggers can actually serve as the pathway to igniting your romance.

 The ability to respond to circumstances and feelings that are triggered by your partner are the key to reigniting connection, intimacy, and healthy communication in your relationship.

People think these triggers are a horrible thing, and mean that maybe they're not the one, or that the relationship can’t be repaired. In reality, it's natural for things to come up! You're 2 beings in an intimate space, sharing energy, sharing maybe much more, and therefore things can and will get triggered and sensitive. At some point or another, there will be a kerfuffle.

 You can choose to make a mutual agreement to look at these things and ask “how can we grow from this?”. That is a great opportunity to harmonize and to increase your love to ever deepening depths. How gratifying is it to grow with someone? To go down a journey together? How tight are you with someone you took a big adventure with?  Your partnership is the biggest adventure you could have in depth of relationship, getting presented every single day. 


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