08.17.2023 03:01 PM By Encompass

Where are you going with your life? Does it really matter? 

Life is going to do its thing anyway, right? Or do you actually have a bigger say than most believe? 

I enjoy hearing about people’s plans for advancing their missions and vibration, like some like asking about what parties they went to and vacations they are going to take. 

While some inquire about people checking out, I love to find out what they’re doing to check in.

So, my friend, what do you have cookin’ for the second half of this year? 

If you haven’t gotten that far yet, you are in good company. 

Very few have a defined plan, vision, or even a few clear, detailed goals.

Passing on vision work is taking your hands off the wheel of your life. 

Flying by the seat of your pants is like going to sea on a sailboat and neglecting to control the sail or the rudder. 

You could end up on a plush deserted island, sure. You could also end up in pirate waters, hostile land, or lost at sea entirely. 

Why relinquish that power? Why lose out on all that fun of directing the movie of your life? 

Life is an adventure on the high seas for all. The waves and winds will do what they do, and there’s no controlling them. That’s life.

You can, however, steer your boat. 

What if you have little idea what to do next? In that case, step back and take in the big picture of this moment. 

Get way up above your situation. 

Get up above your life timeline.

 Ask yourself, “Why am I here in this house?” “Why are the things going on in my life happening right now?” 

With each piece of your divine purpose picture, you take a greater hold of the wheel. 

Even if you only have pieces of it, they will be like rays of sunshine piercing through the fog of your future. 

What’s also a major blessing of being on purpose is that it makes it very difficult for anyone to manipulate you. Something locks in deep inside and makes your ship sturdy and able to withstand big storms.

Does it seem like a mysterious question that seems out of reach? Do you have some fear around what you’ll have to give up if you knew what it was? 

It’s a red pill / blue pill kind of scenario for you. You’ll only tap into the next level of your life when you go for it.

When you’re ready to find your purpose and commit to doing so, you’ll find clues closeby. 

It’s actually encoded inside of you. You brought it with you to our planet. 

If you’d like some assistance finding yours, please reach out to me. It’s part of my mission to empower people to and down the path of their purpose. 

Get clear. Get on purpose. Show your world who is a boss. 

You already have your purpose? I’d love to read it! Send it to me! Type it in the comments below. 

I have been looking to build a community of aligned folks who have and live their mission. 

Perhaps there will be someone else that sees it and can assist you with it. 

Now’s the time! 

Michael Matucci, PhD