09.29.2023 09:01 AM By Encompass

Even in the most sacred unions, moments of discord can and will arise. 

It’s actually quite a normal thing, but very few people are prepared to deal with them in an empowering way.  No one ever taught you.

Issues are barked about or ignored and then swept under the rug. 

Too many things to do! We’ll get to it later.

However, eventually the “chickens will come home to roost.”

The American Psychological Association suggests that unresolved marital conflicts can lead to long-term mental and physical ailments. 

In other words, holding this stuff in your relationship can make you sick. 

A lack of tools to address conflicts can result in a compromised mind and body. 

Is that perhaps an additional reason why so many mature people have poor posture and memory issues? 

If you’ve going through marriage stuff and things seem to be going off the rails, there is still hope. 

You require some relationship wisdom and practical tools to address things.

It will not go away simply even if you make up and return to sleeping in the same bed. 

We prepared an excellent short video to reveal the common misconceptions about marriage issues, and what you can do to bring yours back together. 

Through spiritual guidance and evidence-based techniques, you can actually have your partnership flourish in ways that you have yet to imagine. 

Michael Matucci, PhD

Encompass Life