08.15.2023 01:43 PM By Encompass

What’s the great idea that you have been dragging around for a while wondering how to get it to the world? 

The, “Well, but how?” conversation you have running idly in the background has likely already become a pattern in your thoughts. 

This pattern of thinking can then be instantly applied, like an IG filter, to your new ideas for revenue, intimacy with your partner, and even with bringing the next level of peace into your family.

I spent many a night in the inner “How?” conversation in my decades of business ownership. It can drain you.

It’s a hamster running on the wheel in your brain for hours, leaving you more tired when you wake up than when you went to bed.

It’s a hard question pattern that I swore to make easy.

I like easy. 

I like answers, now. 

I like having my answer before my question is even fully formulated. 

Thus, over a ten year span I chopped, whittled, and polished a technique to have instant answers. 

I found it, and it’s as fast as AI and a whole heck of a lot more genius. 

You can switch it on in one weekend, and have the base structure for an answer giving machine that will serve you for a lifetime.

  • “How can I get my business to the next level?”
  • “How can I get my kids to behave?” 
  • “How can I re-spark the play and romance in my marriage?”
  • “How can I get this stubborn injury to heal and stay well?”


The power is in you, and I have a fun, and intense, workshop set up for you to be able to do just that. 

The event is called “How? to WOW!” and in it we give folks a crash course in our Quantum Leap Technique (TM) QLT

It’s the fastest way to start playing with it and getting your first quantum leap.

I’ve also written down this ground breaking process in a booklet for you to take with you.

The QLT method can be applied again and again for yourself as well as shared with your family, team and friends to spark breakthroughs for them as well. 

We pull back the curtain, and give it all away.

Imagine the power of becoming a question answering machine that only spits out the salutations that are perfect for your path. 

  • Find the perfect way to excite your spouse.
  • Come up with an easy and ideal way to empower your kids.
  • Have ideas to increase revenue flow regularly. 
  • See the people that you are waiting with your support or to receive yours. 
  • Tap into ways to lift up your energy and vitality while dropping any excess meds. 

All you require to do is to make your way to the pristine horse country of Florida, Ocala, the weekend after next. 

If it suits you better, we have another in Miami in late September. However, why wait?! 

Your big idea could change your life before then. 

We made this high value event available at a small investment to spread the word. Why?

Because when people start tapping into their own power, instead of waiting for someone else to solve their issues, this country will take flight once again. 

If you’re serious about becoming a solutions maker for yourself, instead of continuing to depend on days and weeks of analysis, or the continuous sessions of consultants, coaches, and therapists, and become the leader that people more than follow on social media but truly look to for guidance, type “WOW” in the comments below. 

I’ll shoot you a DM with some info and a booking link to have a chat with me or one of my team at Encompass Life

Get ready to add years to your life and 0’s to your business. 

Your perfect answers are available. It’s up to you to access and download them.

You can do it. 

You can turn your heavy How? into an effervescent WOW! I’ve got it! Holy cow! Brilliant!

I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully serving your important journey. 

Mark Scherer

CEO Encompass Life