04.28.2023 12:22 PM By Encompass

Guess what? You're kinda-sorta a real life superhero. Meaning, you, me, and everyone else in the world, came with unique abilities and lessons to share with everyone around us, if we have the courage to step into our power. 

Where you are right now, is perfectly aligned for your next step. It’s the stone that’s going to help you cross the river. Where you are standing right now in the present is the perfect pathway to being able to serve, in whatever way you choose to serve. Tune into your intuition. Take a look at what you’re really good at. What are your interests? Look where your path is taking you. Look at your big traumatic experiences, and your big learning and expansion experiences. What do you say or talk about that people would pay for and love to hear or learn about? 

Instead of trying to do what everybody else is doing, just say; What do I do better or as good as anybody else and I enjoy at the same time. As you start to contemplate and sit with these things,  they will come together. Whatever comes forward, give it a go. The emphasis on it may change once you fully get out of that experience what you’re meant to get or keep.

Keep evolving with your lessons, and your niche will define itself. 

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