05.01.2023 06:10 PM By Encompass

How do we help a client when they are completely lost in their story? What is a surefire way to disrupt and redirect a client's thought process so we can transform the emotions and unlock something great?

The first thing for you to do as a coach or mentor is to stop the train. Disrupt the story. 

When we repeat our story over and over again, all that energy we’re putting into solidifying our version of things, and our pain and our hurts, works to program the subconscious. 

In doing so, all the words we end up saying end up perpetuating the very story we’ve got running in our minds. The story of this happened because I was a victim to so and so perpetrator, or this happened because I'm powerless, or this happened because I'm unworthy of love. These hidden decrees solidify in our minds and become true over and over and over again until we can disrupt that thought process. 

It’s important to stop the role playing that has become truth to your client. 

And it can be uncomfortable. It can be a little jarring. 

But when coaching is your job, if you’re just listening to people’s stuff there can be some value in that service, but it's really more like babysitting. It’s like nursing someone along. 

If you’re looking to be a legendary coach and to really stick out, you’re going to stop your client because it's how you have true impact. It’s up to you to be perceptive and have the courage to risk an unfavorable response, because it might come. They might be agitated. But at the end of the day, that honesty and support and fight for your highest version is what your clients are paying you for. 

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