03.30.2023 01:55 PM By Encompass

    You've been coaching for a while, but you managed to plateau in your business growth. What can you be doing differently to accelerate your intake and be the coach that everyone wants to go to?

A lot of coaches can easily coach others but experience stuck feelings and stagnancy in their own lives. What's important to remember is to take your coaching and apply it to your own life too. And do so quickly so you can get your upgrades as well!

Stay mindful as you do this. As soon as you make a shift or something changes,  stay conscious and find out what you did.

What inside you created a new round of existing in the exterior world? What did you change inside you? How did you change your language? How did you change your feelings? What did you change in your interior world that changed something on the exterior? 

Otherwise even if you’re still making upgrades, you are still going through life unconsciously. 

So as you begin to be able to document all those things inside you, you’re:

A. Going to increase your level of self-confidence as a coach

B. Going to increase your boldness of manifestation 

C. Going to grow your coaching business

D. Going to be able to help other people do this as well

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