04.04.2023 10:12 PM By Encompass

We've all heard the phrase "change your mindset" when it comes to self development, but is it possible that simply changing your mindset isn't actually what you need? 

Learn a more effective way to quickly and easily change your inner and outer world through self mastery. 

But first, what is the downfall to simply changing your mindset? Your mindset is determined by your conscious mind. Something that is running the show a mere 5-10% of the time at best. Your subconscious mind is in charge the other 90- 95% of the time. 

Meaning, even if you had the most astounding mindset and you used it every time you thought about it, it would only be for about an hour a day.

The difference between mindset (we’ll equate this to knowing something) and embodiment lies in the cellular understanding of a particular subject. Embodiment requires time, dedication, and commitment. It’s practicing your greatness and greatest gifts even when opposition shows up.

Wait, wait, wait, wait, now what do you mean opposition?

I mean head chatter like,

-I can't

-it’s too hard

-I shouldn't have to do this

-The moneys not there

- I'm pissed off because this or that or so and so

These statements show up in opposition to your highest expression. In order to gain self mastery, we must walk through the fires again, and again and again. So we can not only gain lasting strength but do so powerfully . 

And maybe you’ve touched a level of self mastery in the past. A lot of us have, in our meditations, in energy work, through working with eastern sciences and philosophies and disciplines. Or in your regular, conscious day to day practices. Maybe these experiences were profound and incredible, but were they lasting? 

Have you attuned your body to using all of its gifts all of the time? Or can you relate to the experience of going to an incredible retreat where you feel at peace and then you go back home and the chaos is back just with the subtle change of the outer environment?

At Encompass LIFE, we train you to coach yourself through the hard times, so you can approach life in an empowered, stable and legendary way.

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