04.25.2023 05:35 PM By Encompass

If we get too wrapped up in a story it consumes us. And when it comes to helping clients, helping them to recognize their story is vital to disrupting their current patterns so they can choose a new reality. 

One great approach when someone is really entrenched in their story, is to have them act their story out. Have them act like they’re in a Spanish soap opera. Have them make it ultra dramatic. Have them contort their bodies and really over exaggerate the story.

 Once they can play it melodramatically, all of a sudden, they’ll realize they can play the role, rather than be the role. That shift occurs very, very, quickly and it takes a matter of minutes or seconds for somebody to be able to shift out of their role and become the observer of the situation again. 

Another good method for disrupting a story is to have your client sit in their story.

Acknowledge how it's been working for them the last 10, 20, or 30+ years. Have them just sit in it and what their life would look like in 5 years if nothing changes. If they continue letting their story determine the course of their lives. 

Now have them imagine what their life would look like after their breakthrough. After they have shifted their perspective and no longer let their story hold them back. What's new in their life? What does their life look like now?

The key is not to make either response right or wrong. 

Instead, have them look at it like, now that you've shifted your feelings, and have transformed them into something new for you, what does your life look like? And which life do you choose to live?

Only once you can see the difference in the realities, can you make a choice. Otherwise you’re making a decision. Which, if you've taken the basics or worked with us, you know deciding is really just trying to kill something off. The person seeking help has to see the lessons in their past situations in order to choose differently.

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