05.05.2023 08:20 PM By Encompass

Your personal development journey shouldn't be ruled by a guru/master! Lasting change comes from within you.

Gathering information is nice. However if you really want to achieve your personal development goals, you need to go into your core. 

We can do that with you. 

Our method is to take on the role of a sherpa guiding people up the mountain. They still have to climb, but we’re going to help carry a little bit of the weight. We carry a lot of the weight in the beginning. But as our clients get stronger and start to feel their feet, they’ll be exposed to a little bit more weight and a little more weight.

As “sherpa’s”, if something’s going on that is counter to what our clients are hoping to accomplish, instead of giving them more information to fix it, we’re gonna say “Hold on, stop going up the mountain”. You’ve got your shoe all untied. You didn't put your socks on. You got your backpack on backwards. There is no point in continuing on until we address what’s going on which is inhibiting your path. 

We’ll stop and look at the situation together. And then we’re going to look at it even deeper, and bring up questions like, what in you made you put that backpack on backwards? Is this the way you were taught to put your backpack on? And so on and so forth. 

We go into the actual depth of the situation.

So you can become more introspective. Instead of us just constantly giving advice to do this, we remind you that you have the advice inside of you. Our job is to use different stimuli and different approaches to open the pathways anyone we work with. In our modality, we give you the chance to do it yourself.

Pretty much everyone else is giving people the fish. Even most coaches that are “teaching” people. They give you the information, but it's up to you to go and apply it. If something comes up in the meantime, well you can always come back and take another course or take another session. They'll talk with you about it and just end up giving you another fish. 

At EncompassLIFE, we’re going to teach you how to catch the fish. We will sit with you while you stick your finger with the hook, or while the fish aren’t biting. While you dump your bait accidentally in the water, and  the bad weather comes in and it starts storming all over you and flips your boat left or right. We’re going to be there.

With this type of approach, you can really only help a few people at a time compared to hundreds or thousands. But in our opinion that’s where we’re going to shift someone faster and more powerfully. That is how we are going to change and uplift our world .

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