11.19.2023 09:45 PM By Encompass

You come home from work and the once-harmonious energy in your marriage is now as chaotic as your kid’s toy room. In your conversations you are constantly stepping on tiny Legos and stumbling over Barbie vans, trying to navigate the maze of your once fun and blissful communication.

You’ve become accustomed to infrequent dinners together and conversation that resembles another scripted family sitcom. And when the day comes to an end, you both retreat to bed, lost in the glow of your mobile devices, pretending that the metaphorical cement wall between you is nothing more than a crinkle in the sheets.

Whew! Thank goodness there’s another workday tomorrow! That’s where you thrive. You’ll make up for the home stuff with a successful career or company. If you harbor ambitious dreams of building a successful business and your homelife is an afterthought, this message might be the most crucial one you read this year. When people say, “My marriage is killing me” it is quite literally killing/subduing all areas of life.

You are an energetic being. You are fluid, like water.

And you are water!

What happens in one area flows into another.

And it works both ways. The Journal of Business Venturing reveals a startling connection between entrepreneurial endeavors and the dynamics within your household. "Entrepreneurial actions are influenced by and have an impact on the family system" (Jennings & McDougald, 2007).

In other words, your venture is not an isolated entity but rather intricately woven into the very fabric of your family life. Properly addressing these home issues and going from “my marriage is falling apart” to “I’m taking the steps to build a thriving marriage” is a step toward building a thriving business as well.

Be asking yourself “is my relationship healthy” as you would your business, and then take the steps to make it so. You would do the same if your business faced those challenges. What about your marriage? That’s a type of business you have for life, and it requires the same type of dedication and investment to flourish. 

You scour the professional journals for the best investments for your portfolio. You analyze the best investments for your company. You ponder the best investments for your kids.

Your marriage merits and requires at least the same and maybe more.

Consider the story of a doctor who narrowly avoided divorce, reignited the flame in the bedroom, and tripled the size of his business in the process. Your home life is a crucial factor to examine. Until you have a partner who is wholeheartedly supportive of your success, in words, energy, and action, and you reciprocate this support fully, joyfully and authentically, there's a crack in the foundation of your dream.

Encompass LIFE extends an invitation to embark on a transformative journey where we navigate through these silent storms together. We'll collaboratively craft strategies that not only strengthen your familial bonds but also seamlessly integrate this newfound harmony into the fabric of your entrepreneurial tapestry.

Visit this page to book a call and discover how you can rekindle your relationship life and supercharge your path to business success.

Here's to a Super-Hot Homelife and Raging Business Success!

Michael Matucci, PhD