05.15.2023 06:05 PM By Encompass

Your body is constantly speaking to you and everyone around you. You can learn how to read its signals and unlock the secrets to reversing diseases and afflictions by paying attention to what it is that your body is expressing. 

Body Language can look like changes in breathing patterns around certain subjects, allergies, recurring back pains, joint issues, heart issues, just about anything you can think of and notice, whether it's painful or not. 

The deeper the affected area is in the body, the longer a person has been carrying that particular burden around with them.

 For example, if it gets into a really deep level such as the joints or ligaments, then the person has been carrying that “stuff” around for a long time. There were likely many other signals beforehand that were more mild, such as anxiety or stress or something else that they ignored. The body is such a powerful machine that if you continue to ignore the signals it sends you, the body will eventually create such a ruckus that the person has to address it.

We can look at Fibromyalgia and how it affects the joints for an example of this. The fact that this symptom affects the body so deeply hints to a person  beating themselves up and having something in their life that they are holding onto resentment about.

Where symptoms show up in the body have as much to tell as how intense the symptoms are.

For example, Arthritis on the right side of the body has to do with a male in your life, or your masculine side. Whereas the Left side is related to females or femininity. If it's affecting your hands, or feet, or head matters too. For example, if it affects the lower extremities that has to do with resentment about not being understood or not being able to move forward in life.


The way your body is communicating with you can get very specific depending on where all the stuff is in the body.  And likely, as soon as we begin to talk about the signals showing up in the body, we may begin making other hand gestures, or sneezing, coughing, burping, etc. completely unintentionally and it’ll communicate the story of where this problem originated and what was involved with it. The body will begin telling the complete story.

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