03.27.2023 04:28 PM By Encompass

Your breakthrough could impact the lives of many.

Open up the possibility that this life is one big, amazing, journey. 

Give yourself the feel of that empowerment to look at your current or past life situations. As big as they may be, as painful as they are, as debilitating as they may have been, they have undoubtedly been catalysts to launch you (and the people you’re working with, if that’s the case) to amazing heights. They gave you the ability to forge the skills and the endurance to pop open your imagination and be able to create from a more aware place.

They have allowed you to understand consciousness that is being experienced, be it anxiety, physical trauma, mental trauma and be able to actually break through and reverse it, and then even inspire other people to do the same. 

 If someone is living with a condition that is “unhealable” that person is likely here to reverse that situation and then inspire, teach, guide, and help others to do the same. If you’re experiencing a “disadvantage”, you’re going to have a unique knowledge and ability to check and connect with people who are facing the same. 

And through overcoming something yourself you’re going to be an inspiration, a reminder to others that yes, this is possible, and yes, they can do it too. Ultimately your current and past situations are a massive privilege in the grand life scheme of things, even if it might be painful now, it could be really essential for it to have happened. Remember to think of it as life training, that allows you to perform and create and see at a level that would not have been possible without the experience. 

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