04.05.2023 05:43 PM By Encompass

Contrary to popular belief, Natural health and allopathic health are more alike than most would think. Whether through pharmaceutical pills or herbs or body work, both means of healthcare are known to treat or correct the symptom presenting itself rather than heal the underlying feelings that are causing the symptoms to show up.

In the natural health arena, they are giving a remedy. And even though the remedy might be from the earth and devoid of any chemicals, it’s still a remedy to remove that catalyst out of the system. Or their remedy is to change their environment, so that the catalyst does not have the perfect environment to express itself. 

These methods are equivalent to putting water on a fire or removing kindling from a fireplace. They clear the grounds, but they don’t change the situation that originally ignited the spark.  Instead, it quiets the flame and clears the environment, but down below we still have the same situation. The fire can still ignite given the right circumstances. 

At EncompassLIFE, we look at the fire below and ask, well what’s causing the fire? 

What’s causing the overheating?

 Overheating is caused more often than not, by holding on to grief for a very long time. It’s caused by holding on to the burden of having to lift their company or their families for years on end. So, it creates fire in the system. And given the right situation, such as a trigger, the fire booms out because they've been holding on to this for so long and now they’ve created the perfect scenario for it to express itself.

Our methods are different in that we see what's creating that spark, and we work with you to transform that spark, which would have manifested itself into illness, into a beautiful superpower that blesses your world. 

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