02.09.2022 04:53 PM By Encompass

make it a game

One of the greatest zones of consciousness practice can be the roads we drive. There are so many factors around us: texting drivers, road ragers, construction in progress, and more. Plus, there’s sometimes the pressure of getting somewhere on time or having your hair look right even though you just stepped out of the shower. The car can be a stressful place!

Next time that you’re behind the wheel, consider playing a road game. First, prepare yourself to have odd encounters. Being open to all that can occur is a helpful first step. Then, if someone takes too long at the light, cuts off your path, speeds up to get in front of you only to slow down, or ignores your turn signal and whips into your parking spot, etc., check into your emotional reaction. Observe your thoughts.

If “this is infuriating!” “that really pisses me off,” or “that s.o.b.!” arises, give it some space, make it okay, and breathe. Then go with a silly substitute, such as “Well that’s one goofy dude!” or “That lady must be running really late” or “That guy is getting me on my perfect timing!” Watch how shifting a set of words and your own chemistry helps you move quickly past the situation.

In your quest to emerge victorious from the jungle of exhaust, rubber, and asphalt, you can also upgrade jargon and overused swearing with a few words Shakespeare delightfully brought forth: amazement, champion, eventful, lustrous, majestic, money’s worth, on purpose, radiance, reliance, shooting star, transcendence, zany.

Give one of these a whirl, “That was a zany situation!” “I emerged victorious over the antagonists of the highway today!” “How about my transcendent response on the road!? Amazing!” Have fun with yourself. Make it a game. Pat yourself on the back when you win. Give yourself a mulligan when you find yourself in a limiting reactionary pattern.

Life is a ride. It’s a game. Play with it consistently, and watch your strength rise, your stress lower, and your ability to author it beautifully emerge.

Abundant Blessings,

The Encompass Life Team