04.12.2023 09:32 PM By Encompass

Did Frodo Make Excuses When Asked To Take The Ring To Mordor?

Think about what your life would look like for you if you kept all your pain, all your struggles, all your contempt and never grew from it.

Look at the cosmic truth of your life. 

Examine the set up of wherever you incarnated into, the geography, the socioeconomic status, the family status, the challenges.

A lot of people grow up to hate their upbringing, or situation as children and end up unconsciously creating from that anger.

But what if we could see the actual truth?

What if we could zoom out of the story of it and actually see the whole movie of our lives. Our story, our upbringing or circumstance, is just one act in the whole movie of our lives.

 If we actually look at the big truth and say wait a minute, that story that I’ve been complaining about for so long, what if that’s the first act of my movie. Look at yourself as the main character in your movie. You go through the plot and all the twists and turns, but by the end of it you rise to your power. As you grow and move and navigate through new situations you can look back at act one, and acknowledge, “Wow, I used to play so small.”.

But like in any great movie, you can wake up to your power. You can start seeing what you've been doing. See how you're the one who is in charge of your life, and that it's up to you to shift things in your life.

You can be stuck in the first act of your movie, reliving the days where you were a highschool athlete, or prize winner in college, or how you were bullied as a kid, But the truth is, it’s just a tiny piece of the overall puzzle of your life. And these situations were perfectly placed for us to then be on the path we’re on.

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