04.19.2023 08:06 PM By Encompass

There are so many coaching modalities to choose from... 

Why is sympathy free coaching more productive than the standard counseling you would find at a brick and mortar? 

At EncompassLIFE, we often work in small group environments.  Meaning, we can really show people what we’re doing. In our workshops, we educate and help people see what embodiment looks like. Our goal is for you to eventually be able to do what we can do. 


Because really, we’re only so many people. And if we’re going to change the world, we need your help too. 

If you go out and share the things you've learned with your world, we can work together to  create lasting change. It’s not going to be accomplished through just us doing it, it's gonna be us empowering you and you then empowering your world.

Our coaching also looks different in different circumstances. With one-on-one coaching, it’s going to look different depending on where the client is in their journey.

 If it's the first time we talk to that man or woman, we’ll recognize the opportunity to give them a little bit of context in order to reveal to them why we speak the way that we speak, or why what they're doing isn't working, etc.

By jumping into a loving teacher role, we can bypass any assumptions about this work that a person might make based on their prior experiences. Then by acknowledging that we once felt that way too, and sharing with our clients things that have been really effective for us, we help our clients to move forward, from a place of empowerment.

We do this because we are so respectful of you, of your divine self, that the best way for us to serve you is to give you tools that are going to work for you for a long time. And in sharing these tools, we allow our clients to feel heard and to choose to shift their situation.

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