03.24.2023 01:24 PM By Encompass

An estimated 10.7% of the world population lives with a mental health disorder. Here, we’ll take a look at  how to reverse anxiety disorders with a quick change in language choice. 

If a person has a high level of anxiety, they’re speaking a lot of not’s in their life. Such as, “I don’t like this” or “I don’t want that”. There is a direct correlation between the amount of not’s a person speaks and their level of anxiety.

 Anxiety most often forms when the person begins to speak not’s in their life. Most times it started when a person had some type of a situation early on where they said “life shouldn’t be this way” or “my parents shouldn’t be this way” or  “I’m not good enough” or “life is not fair” or something similar.

When we surround our trauma with a whole bunch of not’s it alters our perspective to what happened. 

Everyone is responsible for their language. If I’m going around like  “I don’t want this”, “I don’t want that”, “I don’t like this” my conversation potentially causes these things which I just stated, I don’t want. And as those things I don’t want increase, anxiety follows.

 So if your conversation is: I don’t want to struggle with money.

 You’re going to struggle with money and you’ll have anxiety from that.

If your inner dialogue is: I don’t want to be in an abusive relationship.

You will struggle with experiencing abusive relationships. 

 This occurs because you have to speak what you really choose, not what you don’t want. Your language will have to change to speaking what you love, and choose in order for things like anxiety to go away.

 Examples of this are, “I love when…” and “I desire so and so outcome”. These solutions stem from gratitude rather than complaint. 

Every word you speak is a prayer coming into manifestation.

It may sound simple but once a pattern gets locked into the synapses of the brain, it keeps firing over and over and over again. Until that brain and body chemistry can be shifted, and a new pattern can be established, you will have the same outcome. 

However, once the new pattern comes into play, a person's gratitude, genius and creativity is going to skyrocket. Their intuition is going to continue to go up, and it'll happen almost instantaneously. But getting there takes a little time, and coaching with someone who can really read the energy and give you feedback to be able to help guide you through it can help millions. 

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