04.18.2023 09:18 PM By Encompass

With the current state of the world, many of us grew up ignoring our feelings, feeling numb or even denying that our feelings actually exist. We are taught from a young age, "hide your feelings", "don't cry", say "good" when someone asks you how you're doing. But what if the very feelings they told us to hide were the key to changing our outer world? 

First, we must recognize that every feeling that we feel is a signal.  Whether you hate the feeling or love the feeling, it is a signal of where you are in consciousness and what you're continually creating with your  consciousness.

 Until you're aware of how it all works, you create unconsciously. Meaning you might get some things that are great but seem like they show up by happenstance, and then you might create a score of undesirable outcomes that you hate. It’ll seem kind of Willy nilly.

There’s also a big difference between feeling your feelings and being reactive. Those are two completely different things. Every single feeling that you feel has a purpose. They reveal something to you about you. What are you doing with it? When you use it as a  tool in partnership with spiritual law, miracles happen!

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