03.14.2023 01:22 PM By Encompass

Helping someone with a recurring injury or chronic condition can be hard, but it doesn't have to be. 

When you're healing the “unhealable”, what you're really doing is forgiving the unforgivable.  That's because all our physical trauma and physical pain comes down to our emotions - that’s what’s ultimately causing all of our conditions. If somebody has some feelings they’ve been holding on to, such as anger or resentment or even heartache, these feelings will manifest into states of disease or non-ease in the body. 

A way to explain this is, when you get a cut in your arm, or a burn or a broken bone, the body repairs itself. This is the body healing its exterior. In the same way that your body can heal its exterior, it's a healing mechanism that can also work on the interior of the body. 

The difference is, our interiors have more conditions that we must work through. For example,  if you have a lot of anger, resentment, stress, etc. in your life,  the chemicals produced by these feelings are talking to your system. Which causes the body to have to try to detox itself, while also trying to heal. 

As a person can forgive the “problems” in their life, the body will begin to heal itself, because the body is a beautiful healing machine.

But, in the same way that if you have a bad cut and you dont keep this gash clean, the body is not going to heal it quickly, or sometimes even properly, you must keep your inner world clean so that your inner healing may move forward quickly and with ease.

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