03.20.2023 04:53 PM By Encompass

How do we recover from PTSD and other trauma patterns? It is possible to heal from PTSD without medications or counseling.

Trauma is life changing, and it comes with a wide variety of symptoms such as flashbacks, anxiety, and depression. However, the first thing to know is, you don’t have to change anything. Traumatic experiences can stick with us for years and years. Let's say you’ve held on to it for 30 years (or however many years you’ve held on to it), you can continue to have it for another 30 years. 

Take off all the charge or blame or guilt of having to fix it. 

It's ok to stay in it. 

Now ask yourself;

-If you were to stay in it for another 10 years, what would your life look like?

-What would your patterns be? 

-Would it look the same? How would you feel?

-Is the feeling favorable?

-Touch what your life will be in ten years if you don’t make a change.

Now, pretend somehow or another you did something that worked for you. And this method actually had you shifted. 

What is your life like in ten years this time?

Now is it worth it for you to go through this process to have this new result?

The pain will stay in place until you touch something that's big enough to replace the pain. 


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