04.06.2023 09:20 PM By Encompass

Here is a simple trick to get you "unstuck" when you draw a blank in the middle of a coaching session.

If the first thing that comes up when you get stuck is “Oh crap, I’m stuck.”, analyze the feeling that comes with that thought. The feeling is usually shame. More often than not, there is going to be some hate involved too.

 But if I hate that I got stuck or feel ashamed that I got stuck, it’s going to happen again, just by the nature of which this quantum universe works.

 If I make it wrong or am ashamed about it, it’ll perpetuate the cycle. Making it wrong that I got stuck,  actually keeps me from finding or seeing the solution. Because, if I’m focused on it being bad and wrong, I won’t see the solutions right in front of me. Instead, my vision will be tapped into what I've done wrong, and how I’m a bad coach or whatever all the head chatter that comes in is. It’s sneaky.

Instead, when this situation arises,  thank the situation for presenting itself and focus on your love for having your answers come easily. Focus on your love for seeing what’s going on.

We experience these challenges so we can wake up to the fact that we already have access to the knowledge that is going to help ourselves or our clients. We already have a connection to everything and it’s something really easy to tune into. When we realize this, nothing can hold back our coaching practice but ourselves.

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