05.19.2023 06:12 PM By Encompass

Belief systems are one of the biggest things passed down to you from your caregivers, aside from genetics. They can become the voices in our heads that keep us from realizing our greatness or that keep us stuck in old patterns or they can become the voice that says “YES, you can!” during troubling times. 

A lot of peoples conditioning has left them with the beliefs of :

- “This is just the way life is”

- “Life is not fair”

- “Life is hard”

- “It’s the same old crap, different day” 

- “You have to struggle” 

- “You have to work hard” 

- “You have to suffer here and then you can have your reward in heaven”

Just to name a few… 

All of these belief systems that people have become entrenched with are keeping them from their enthusiasm in the here and now. They’re keeping them from feeling gratitude in their day to day. These belief systems are also taking these people out of life, they’re distracting us from the beauty of Life, and shortening our lifespan. 

People are holding on to all these little tensions within their bodies. However, if a person can slow down and notice what is happening inside of themselves, they can translate all the signals their bodies are communicating into what's stuck and what's returning.

 Once a person is able to do that, joy increases, enthusiasm increases, love increases. 

Imagine if your ability to give and receive love grows by 10, 20, 30, 50, 100x.  What does that do to your life? What does that do to your bank account? What does that do to your relationship? What does that do to your health?

The upgrades are endless.

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