08.09.2023 06:58 PM By Encompass

Stress is not something that you can truly manage. 

It's fascinating how people can find a solution in “managing” something that they despise. Stressed out executives, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and over-extended moms and dads often look at their more relaxed friends and ask, “How do you manage your stress?” 

What if we replaced the word stress with other challenges like addiction… “How do you manage your addiction?” How about managing driving against traffic during rush hour? “How do you manage not getting hit?” 

Such a question would be nutzo! 

So why is managing stress at work or at home considered acceptable and even pursued? Is it the number of people who agree that it’s normal or is it our personal experiences in trying to do so? Perhaps, it's a combination of both.

Here's the biggest thing to get in order to reduce stress: it is self-created. Once you understand that stress is coming from the way you perceive life, and begin to take responsibility for your creation, its grip starts to loosen.

In working with hundreds of folks that were feeling tension and overwhelm, I've seen stress lose its power quickly once they truly get this connection. Remember, you hold the key to breaking free from the cycle of self-imposed stress! 

Stop looking for the next “Top ten ways to manage stress” article and start changing how you are generating it in the first place. You’ll get much farther, much faster. 

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