04.26.2023 08:07 PM By Encompass

What is mindset coaching and why is it so popular? Is it as effective as people think it is?

A quick google search will tell you that mindset coaching focuses on people's belief systems and patterns of thinking. That’s a good thing right? Look at the established belief system and form a new one. But then, what's the difference between mindset coaching and what we do? And more so what are the downsides of having a fixed mindset? Wouldn’t having your eyes on the prize, so to speak, be a good thing?

Many people fail to mention the downsides of having a fixed mindset. Mindset is similar to a type of program in the supercomputer we call the human brain. Now, the problem with our supercomputers following a fixed program is that if my mind is set on one thing, it means i’m going to miss all of these other opportunities and lessons that would’ve been caught and integrated had I just had a system with checks and balances in place for staying on track rather than a fixed mindset. 

For example, a mindset I may be focusing on is making $1,000,000 this year, or finding my beloved and being in my best relationship yet. These are both wonderful visions to hold in your awareness, but if your mind is set on them, and they don't happen right when you'd like, you may feel disappointment, frustration, guilt, shame, etc. 

And what if something better happened, but your mind was so set on one thing that you missed the entire picture. Maybe someone spectacular came in, but you required to go through a certain trial and growth to get yourself to the point where you could match this divine partner, or this million dollar opportunity, but you missed it because of this tunnel vision you were holding. And you were unable to adapt, and change your approach to achieving this goal, so you missed out on these possibilities. 

So how is the quantum leap technique different from this?

Yes, we work with you to redefine your inner patterns and belief systems, but this happens organically through identifying the “mindsets” we already have running in the background. And feeling into how they became our subconscious programming, feeling the things that cemented this idea into place, making it okay, and establishing a new decree. This way of working through our challenges to transform them into strengths has nothing to do with mindset. Yet it has everything to do with embodiment, self coaching, and feeling. 

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