09.15.2023 04:12 PM By Encompass

Fear... an emotion so potent that it can cast shadows on our sunniest days. 

It binds, it hinders, and it often whispers of dangers unseen. 

Harvard Medical School reveals that long-term fear can lead to chronic health problems, including cardiovascular disease.

Their studies also show the potency of mindfulness and meditation as tools to combat and alleviate these fears and lead us to places of peace.

That’s the going thing. Will those really do the job?

I did them for years. I taught them as well.

Now I see that they can only take you so far. 

To get rid of it for good it’s essential to dive past the feeling itself to get to the root cause of the fear.

How do you do that? 

We help people do that everyday in our sessions and classes. Our broader goal is to prepare them to eventually do it on their own. 

Here are some of the essential steps to the process:

  • Make peace with its presence. Fear is part of the human experience. 

  • Feel it deeper. Stop running. Sit and touch it.

  • Find out what it has to tell you. 

You can do it. 

You require to do it if you’re going to live your highest life, tap into your potential, and do what you’re meant to do on the planet.

As Rumi once eloquently stated, “The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” 

Are you poised on the precipice of a cave, letting fear hold you back?

We’ll dive deep with you into the roots of such fears, blending spiritual insights with scientific approaches, to get fast results. 

Inquire with us by clicking the button below if you could use a boost on a specific fear or anxiety.

Happy to help you transform that fear into confidence, courage, and faith.

Michael Matucci, PhD

Encompass Life